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Gap insurance

Accidents happen!
Be insured and be assured from as little as £149 ONE OFF PAYMENT.

What is GAP Insurance?

What if, your car is declared a write-off due to an accident, fire or theft? Now imagine discovering that your insurance company pay-out will not match the outstanding finance amount (i.e. the settlement figure). Insurance typically pays the vehicle's actual cash value rather than the amount remaining on your loan or lease, which could leave a financial 'GAP' of thousands of pounds. This is a scenario faced by many motorists today. Even if you are not liable, you are almost certain to find a shortfall between the amount you receive from your motor insurance provider and the outstanding finance. And this shortfall could be a significant sum depending on the rate of depreciation of the vehicle. Who will protect you against this financial loss?For peace of mind and for the protection of your vehicle needs, consider the cover GAP can offer.

Significant benefits
• Provides financial protection if you have taken out a finance agreement to fund the lease of your car.
• GAP policy will pay the difference between the amount paid out by the motor insurance provider and any outstanding finance on that car.
• Meets the ABI code of practice
• Transferable
• Cancellable

How GAP works?
Let’s say you paid £18,500 for your car and your car is unfortunately involved in an accident and your motor insurance providers declare it a total loss. Using current market conditions the motor insurance provider values your car at the time of the accident as £12,000. However, you still owe the Finance Company £15,000. The GAP insurance may pay out the £3,000 difference - it’s as simple as that!

A brand new car can lose up to 70% of its value in the first three years alone, giving you an idea of the financial impact a write off could have.

Don’t get caught out - with policies from just £149 for the full contract term, protect your investment with GAP Insurance today.

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